Protecting Our Environment

We all depend on ecosystem services for our well-being, and nature’s health increasingly depends on humanity. Every development or investment decision made around the world both depends on and has an impact on nature somewhere, or somehow.

Development and ecosystem services are intertwined. We can’t really deal with one without dealing with the other. However, the current mindset of society is to put economic development and nature in separate boxes, separate government agencies and separate academic disciplines. We think that protecting the environment is an impediment to development and brings out a cost. But when we consider the environment in terms of ecosystem services, that mindset can change. We can instead see and value the environment as a series of assets or benefits that development in fact depends upon. By treating ecosystems as assets that generate benefits, development agencies can help developing countries grow economically while sustaining the environment and the livelihoods of those people who depend on ecosystems.

Here, in Baniar Polymer, environment protection is a key element in our company’s mission and vision. Our all efforts are aligned to keep our environment as sound as possible.