Recycling and Recovery Process

Before recycling EPS, its scrap must be segregated and separated from other materials before it enters the waste stream to minimise contamination.



Due to the lightweight of EPS, lower transportation cost is an advantage in the recycling process. The material handling requirements for EPS scrap are usually determined by the recycler. Usually EPS scrap is either bagged in loose or baled form before transportation.


The collected EPS is fed into a granulation machine. The granulated material is then fed in to a hopper, where it is stored before being compressed into continuous lengths. This compressed material is broken into lengths suitable for palletisation. At this stage the palletised material is ready for delivery.

Once exported, the EPS material is then shredded and extruded to form General Purpose Polystyrene (GPPS) pellets, which can be used as a feedstock for applications such as synthetic timber, CD and video cassette cases, stationery products as well as plant pots and etc.

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